Deadline Looms to Accept Buyout Package at Windsor Assembly Plant


Monday is the deadline for workers at the Windsor Assembly Plant to opt in for a buy-out package.

The company confirmed in a meeting Thursday night that the plant will move from three shifts down to two on July 10 with the two shift operation starting Monday, July 13.

"So we had a meeting last night with the employer, we have been hammering them on this issue for quite some time, of where that third shift is going because they have got to bring a shift of people to the other two shifts and that's problematic with social distancing and everything else," says Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy.

He says the interest in packages has been increasing.

"The number has been pretty good, it has been a good uptake and people understand they can retire with a good pension and save junior people's jobs and they have set themselves up and some people can't go because of certain reasons,” says Cassidy.

"They have until Monday to decide if they want to retire so if they are going to retire then once they give their announcement that they are going to retire then we will move forward from there."

About 1,500 employees work on the third shift at Windsor Assembly Plant.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi