Dealing with Drug Overdoses a Daily Norm at WRH


Windsor Regional Hospital's Emergency Departments are getting use to drug overdoses.

President & CEO David Musyj says it's sad to say but unfortunately it's business as usual.

He says both emergency departments expect to get patients suffering from overdoses during the early afternoon hours.

"Although, it does not overall impact the emergency department, needless to say at given times of the day with the volumes, with the patients coming in especially in an overdose situation, it's all hands on deck because you're trying to revive that particular patient," says Musyj.

He says it's at the point where the staff is learning to cope with the overdoses.

"In one way unfortunately our emergency departments are used to it and it's kind of business as usual which is sad to say or having to say that but they expect it in the early afternoon hours on any given day that's what you're going to be seeing coming into your emergency department," says Musyj.

Musyj says the hospital continues to work with the Downtown Mission and the Windsor Essex County Community Housing Corporation.

He says a mission navigation program is in place for those leaving the hospital and needing a place to go.

As heard on AM800 news on Thursday, a second alert was issued by the Windsor-Essex Community Opioid and Substance Strategy after there were seven cases on Tuesday, where people went to local emergency departments because of overdoses and substance misuse.

The first alert was issued last Friday after 11 people attended area emergency departments on October 30th and 31st because of overdoses, five opioid related.