Debate Continues Over Proposed Waterfront Condo In Tecumseh


A proposed five storey condo building in Tecumseh continues to stir debate among residents.

After push back from the community, the developer has reduced the number of units and made changes to the top floor of the project slated for the site of the former Pud's Place Marina in St. Clair Beach.

Council heard from residents Tuesday night and the town's Manager of Planning Chad Jeffery says the new design is far less intrusive to adjacent properties.

"They've lowered the height on the building in some areas. They've reduced the number of units. All the technical studies seem to support the development on this location in terms of the traffic, the noise, the shadow effect. So it's looking like, from an administrative perspective, that the development is compatible."

Jeffery says, from a planning perspective, the building fits in nicely with the neighbourhood.

"We had to take a look at the density and the compatibility of this proposed condominium complex and determine whether it was the right fit for the area. Our assessment has led us to believe that it is, that it can be, and the improvements that were made to the proposal have assisted with the compatibility of it."


Artist rendering of a proposed condominium development for the former Pud's Place Marina site in Tecumseh (Photo courtesy of the Town of Tecumseh)

He says higher density development is the way many municipalities are going.

"It's a perfect opportunity to intensify the site. Intensification is something that every municipality should be looking to because it prevents development from going out into farm fields and to natural heritage areas. So it prevents sprawl. The more development we can accommodate within our municipality the better."

The proposed development consists of 65 units, 35 boat wells and ground floor commercial space including a dockside coffee shop.

Town administration is expected to bring a final report back to council within the next two months.

Project approval will be discussed then.