Debit Card Fraud Suspect Wanted in Windsor


Windsor police are searching for a woman wanted in a fraud involving a debit card.

On Wednesday, November 6th, police were called about the fraud after a woman tried to use her debit card but it was declined.

She then tried to use a phone app, but was locked out of the account.

She went to the bank in person and learned that a large amount of money had been withdrawn the previous day.

An investigation found a suspect had entered a bank and presented fake ID in the victim's name.

The suspect was also able to answer security questions in order to to get a debit card connected with the victim's bank accounts.

The fraudster than went to several locations and made withdrawals.

The suspect is a white woman, early 20s, about five-foot-seven, slim with short black hair, wearing a black North Face puffy jacket and a red Jansport backpack.