Dedicated retiree activist, Tony Sisti, receives Charles Brooks Award


A dedicated retiree activist has been awarded for his hard work. 

During Thursday's 46th annual Labour Appreciation Night, Tony Sisti received the Charles Brooks Award. 

Sisti is the Chair of Unifor Local 1973 Retired Workers Chapter and is an activist involved in many organizations across Windsor-Essex County and Ontario, including the Unifor National Retired Workers Council Executive Board, representing Unifor retirees across Canada.

This award is presented annually to a trade unionist in recognition of outstanding contributions in the area of voluntary community service.

Sisti is a retired General Motors Transmission plant worker and continues to advocate for workers' rights and social justice, while also helping workers transition towards a secured retirement at the same time.

Tony Sisti, Chair of Unifor Local 1973 Retired Workers Chapter, says he's proud of the work he's accomplished.

"I always want the best for everybody, from the youth to the seniors, now that I'm a senior I fight harder now for seniors, and retirees, and pensioners. But all my life it's about making sure the society keeps improving, and workplaces are more safe, and people enjoy what they're doing."


Dedicated retiree activist, Tony Sisti, receives Charles Brooks Award. Nov. 9, 2023 (Photo Credit: Courtesy of AM800's Patty Handysides)

He says his job is very active. 

"Being out there in the community, involved with political movements, demonstrations, rally's, fighting to keep what we have, and fighting to get better things. So that's part of the goal that I'd like to see happen."

Sisti says he was happy with the gains made for those retired from Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

"Well we keep trying to make gains for retirees. We put pressure on the bargaining committees for the Detroit 3, this year they came through, they did do something for retirees which we haven't seen in 14 years. So it's for my people, it's a little bit, it's better than nothing. And you know at the end of the day, we build on where we finished off."

This years Labour Appreciation Night was held at the Ciociaro Club.

United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County and the Windsor and District Labour Council co-created the Charles E. Brooks Community Service Award, which is presented annually.