VIDEO: Descendant Claims Windsor Native Led Lewis and Clark


The descendant of a historical Windsor resident claims George Drouillard was the true guide of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Former U.S. national speed skating champion Cory Drouillard is making the case that his fourth great uncle was the person who led the expedition.

Drouillard tells AM800 News several universities have done research that points to that.

"Major American universities with credentials have discovered that Sacagawea was in fact a well orchestrated myth. This is research that they've compiled.  University of Washington, Utah a lot of universities, even a university in Japan," says Drouillard. "With this research, now we know that Sacagawea was not hired, now we know that Sacagawea was only in the journals of Lewis and Clark 30 times, as opposed to George Drouillard who was in the journals more than 600 times. That's unbelievable"

Drouillard says the record should be set straight..

"Now that we have the facts, I'm hoping that the Canadian people because they don't know who George Drouillard is, I'm hoping that the Canadian people accept George Drouillard and what he did, and embrace him as a Canadian hero," says Drouillard. 

Cory Drouillard says a noted Lewis and Clark scholar — Gary Moulton — told him George Drouillard led the expedition and not Sacagawea.

AM800 has reached out to Moulton for clarification.