Development on Huron Church Road moves forward to city council


A new development is a step closer to approval along one of Windsor's busiest roads. 

During Monday's Development and Heritage Standing Committee, a report was presented to approve zoning amendments to allow for a new dwelling at 1235 Huron Church Road. 

The dwelling would be one, four storey building consisting of 37 units, as well a total of 51 parking spaces, and a repair garage for taxi's owned by the developer, Passa Architects.

This building would be built where the former Ontario Travel Information Centre sits.

The motion to approve the report was put forward by ward 1 councillor, Fred Francis, and was approved by the committee.

While there was some concern from residents behind the proposed space, on Dot Avenue, numerous studies have been completed including a parking study, a noise study, and an archaeological study showed there was no concern with the proposed development.

Francis says it's an area that needs to be redeveloped. 

"Being able to put up a residential building there, that's going to meet the needs of housing in the area, potentially student housing in the area being close to the University, and having some commercial elements on Huron Church to go along with the other commercial elements already on Huron Church, I certainly think it was a worthwhile proposal to move forward and support."

He says despite the odd rectangular shape of the development land, the developer is making it work. 

"So because the housing market is so hot, because the need for housing is so severe, what we're seeing land owners do is essentially anywhere they can put up residential, or anywhere they can do residential development, that's what we're seeing. So, a lot of people are being creative, a lot of people are seeing what can be done within certain areas that they might already own."

Francis says some residents have expressed there is crime in the development area, but that might improve the issue. 

"More eyeballs on the space, more eyeballs and more people being actively aware in a certain area where if something is happening that shouldn't be happening and they can call police, that's going to help improve their current situation if that is occurring right now."

The report will still need final approval from city council, which is proposed to be presented next month.