DiCarlo Wins Again in Amherstburg


Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo has won re-election over his only opponent, Glenn Swinton, 4576 to 2726.

DiCarlo is heading into his second term as Mayor with a brand new town council - every one of the five councillors is new to the job.

The Deputy Mayor is Leo Meloche, a former councillor, who has won by just four votes over Diane Pouget -- 2579 to 2575.

DiCarlo says there's going to be a lot of quick learning ahead.

"Looks like we got a lot of new people and we're gonna have to get them trained and up to speed. They're going to have a lot of business to deal with: new developments, budget is right around the corner and everything else that goes with the job"

There were about 700 fewer voters than four years ago, something DiCarlo wasn't happy to see.

"Really in the grand scheme of things that's my only disappointment. I take my voting seriously, obviously and it would have been nice to get a bigger turnout"

DiCarlo says the town administration is ready to start training the new councillors:

"there's a lot of new people so the first order of business, and I believe the clerk has already started working on it to start scheduling meetings as quick as possible and so I think that's going to be the first thing we've got to do is get everybody up to speed"

Don McArthur, formerly with the Windsor Star and CBC, garnered the most votes out of the five winning councillors -- with 3508 votes.

Also elected to Council: Michael Prue, Patricia Simone, Peter Courtney and Marc Renaud.


Glenn Swinton - Votes: 2726

Aldo DiCarlo (RE-ELECTED) Votes: 4576 

Leo Meloche  (ELECTED) Votes: 2579

Rick Fryer Votes: 948

Diane Pouget Votes: 2575

Bob Rozankovic Votes: 1142


Frank Cleminson Votes:1889

Peter Courtney  (ELECTED) Votes: 2402

Pauline Gemmell Votes: 1288

Elizabeth (Libby) Keenan Votes: 1125

Jason Lavigne (incumbent) Votes: 2237

Lena Lazanja Votes: 1871

Donald McArthur  (ELECTED) Votes: 3508

John Menna Votes: 1483

Gregory Moore Votes: 2217

Michael Prue (ELECTED) Votes: 3011

Marc Renaud (ELECTED) Votes: 2274

Patricia Simone (ELECTED) Votes:  2966

Ron Sutherland Votes: 1964

Lori Wightman Votes: 2241