Dilkens disturbed by latest crime incidents in the city


Windsor's mayor says he's disturbed by the latest crime incidents happening in the city.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Drew Dilkens says Windsor police have activated all resources to try and locate the individuals responsible after two separate carjackings in the the city along with two attempted carjackings and a shooting in the downtown core.

He says he has full faith in the service especially with help from video surveillance to locate the individuals responsible. 

"Chief Bellaire and the leadership at the Windsor Police Service I'm in contact with them multiple times every day so he keeps me well informed on where they're at what they're working on," he says.

Dilkens says police are using all their investigative tools.

"We all have to remain vigilant for sure but it is a disturbing incident that I can tell you Windsor police have all resources activated to locate the individual or individuals responsible for those particular events," says Dilkens.

He adds he doesn't blame the public for being concerned about what they're seeing. 

"I'm disturbed by it like everybody else and I know the chief and the team are over at Windsor Police Service and they got all resources activated to try and find the person or people responsible for those particular incidents," he says.   

The two carjackings and two attempted carjackings happened in a 24 hour span over the weekend and the shooting happened early Sunday morning in the 400-block of Ouellette Avenue.

Police have released descriptions of the suspects wanted in the investigations.