Dilkens excited about provincial support for new mega-hospital in Windsor


Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says he was very pleased to hear the provincial government reinforce its support for a new mega-hospital in Windsor in this week's throne speech.

Government house leader, MPP Paul Calandra, said on Monday that the project is 100 per cent going ahead.

Speaking on AM800's Morning Drive, Dilkens says people will recall that it was mentioned explicitly  by the Minister of Finance in the budget in 2021.

"And that they identified almost $10-million in spending that will be coming down here to move to the next stage. We're excited about that and I think people should take great joy in knowing that this was explicitly stated in the Finance Minister's speech on the budget, and then earlier this week the Lieutenant Governor mentioning it in the speech from the throne is really great news."

The provincial government says it will be allocating $9.8 million to support the ongoing planning of the new acute care hospital.

It will be located on a 24-hectare site at County Road 42 and the 9th Concession.

Dilkens says they're very close to getting the big cheque.

"You know those big one-metre long cheques that we can take to the bank. And once we have that cheque in the bank, WRH President and CEO David Musyj and the entire team can start activating Step 2, which will involve a lot of community involvement as well to make sure that we're hitting the mark on the hospital that we're going to build here," Dilkens said.

The project is intended to replace the aging campuses of Windsor Regional Hospital.

Dilkens says he's pleased to hear Calandra and others from the province talk about this project as a done-deal.

"Moving to the next stage makes it an official project, there's no doubt about it," he continued. "But even though its an official project we're still going to need a strong push in Toronto to make sure that we can get this $2-billion project across the finish line otherwise it could take a few more years than it needs to."

Dilkens says they have a lot of work to do, and they will be calling on the community again at the right time.

That's because Dilkens says if there's one thing they've learned during a global pandemic it's that the need for better healthcare services is an important one, and this helps move that needle in a big way.