Dilkens releases 'Community Safety Action Plan'


A Windsor mayoral candidate is out with his 'Community Safety Action Plan.'

Drew Dilkens says community safety and crime reduction will remain a priority for him if he's re-elected in next month's election.

His plan includes seven focuses to make neighbourhoods safer such as doubling the deployment of Windsor Police Auxiliary, accelerate the hiring of police officers, activate neighbourhood officers and review the Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team.

Dilkens' vision also includes doubling the number of cameras in the city, propose a safer streets bylaw and advocate for funding for mental health and addiction supports including a 24/7 drop-off location for police and EMS to bring people in crisis.

He says new, stronger action needs to be taken.

"I'm fed up with what I see," he continued. "I know the public is fed up with what they see and we want to make the situation better and I'm the one to get that done."   

Dilkens says the plan includes proposing a safer streets bylaw.

He says he has heard from many residents who are stopped at a red light, with people coming right up to their window with a cup and sometimes making comments.

"Something has to be done here and of course the law sets out the prescribed limits. We have to operate within the limits of the law but we have to operate, we have to move forward with something that is going to make a difference and address the concerns residents in this city are expressing to me," he said.

He says the neighbourhood policing program is about taking existing police resources and making sure the city is co-ordinating in a better way with residents, the ward councillor and BIAs.

"Making sure we're co-ordinating and providing an outlet for these folks to talk on a monthly basis to share the issues that they're experiencing and try and get traction for strategic policing initiatives in particular neighbourhoods to address the issues that particular neighbourhoods are experiencing." 

Dilkens is up against current ward 4 councillor Chris Holt, Benjamin Danyluk, Aaron Day, Matthew Giancola, Ernie Lamont, and Louis Vaupotic.

The municipal election is set for October 24.