Disappointment for Leamington's Mayor

Leamington Deputy Mayor Hilda MacDonald attends the 2017 budget meeting for the county on February 1, 2017.

The Mayor of Leamington is extremely disappointed after hearing her municipality as well as Kingsville will remain in stage one while the rest of Windsor-Essex moves to Stage 2 on Thursday.

Hilda MacDonald says she reached out to the Premier's office last week and again this week but never heard back.

She tells AM800 news, she was not given a heads up about the premier's decision and was hoping her municipality would move to stage two and the province would develop a plan to work with area farmers.

"The adage I've heard all week from lots of partners in the region and now today from the premier, we're in this together is as far from the truth as it can be," says MacDonald.  "I am deeply disappointed."     

MacDonald says she's concerned for small businesses in Leamington.

"I think his biggest concern in this was the City of Windsor," says MacDonald.  "Yeah they're sending down people to help with the testing but what are they doing for our businesses that aren't opening up.  It's all well and good to take care of the one industry which needs it and we've been begging for it but what happens to my small businesses, what happens to them."      

Leamington and Kingsville will be the only two municipalities in Ontario that will remain in stage one as of Thursday.