Dog and Pony Die after Farm Fire in Chatham-Kent


It's a sad day for Charlotte’s Freedom Farm in Chatham-Kent.

A fire broke out at the farm on Brook Line on Wednesday just before midnight.

Farm founder Lauren Edwards says she was driving back from Windsor, when she was notified by the farm's animal care worker.

She says the animal care worker lives on the farm and was asleep but heard a loud scream from a donkey.

"She heard the donkey start screaming and donkey's, I don't know if you heard them hee haw but when they really get going it's loud so he woke her up and she knew that was odd," says Edwards.    

Edwards says the worker also heard barking from the dogs and went out to the barn.

She says that's when the worker discovered the barn was on fire and started to free the animals from their stalls and cages.

"She ran around in the barn that just started on fire and she opened all the stalls and she got in and opened the dog cages but we did have some animals, we did end up losing," says Edwards.  "One of the dogs did end up passing away from smoke inhalation and our mini pony Forest, he was out of his stall but he didn't get out of the barn."

Edwards says there is enough space at the farm for the remaining animals to stay.

"To put them on an animal trailer and move them to another farm would put them through so much stress up top of what they've been through," says Edwards.    

She says some chickens and ducks are also missing but all other animals appear to be safe.

Chatham-Kent fire says the cause is unknown and damage is pegged at $400,000.

- with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley