Dogs to Deter Geese at Tecumseh's Lakewood Park


TECUMSEH — Tecumseh's Lakewood Park is going to the dogs to help with geese control.

Six Border Collies are being used to deter geese from the park after the public raised concerns about the bird's population and the mess left behind.

"We have tried numerous things," says Tecumseh Director of Parks and Recreation Paul Anthony.  "One is certainly, we have tried silhouettes of dogs, we have had noise makers, we have tried changing the length of the grass, but none of them would work as a long term solution."

The dogs work off leash and are identifiable with reflective vests.  

Signs are also being posted in the parking lot when the dogs are working.

"The dogs are trained as herders, they don't touch the geese, they are trained to disrupt their habits," Anthony adds.

The town is asking users of the park to not interfere with the working dogs or their handlers and to make sure their own dogs are on leash.

The goal is the Border Collies will prevent nesting in the park in the spring — therefore reducing the bird population.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says the town has heard from the public that goose control needs to be a priority in the park.

The program will operate for 3.5 months and will then be reviewed to determine if more days and times are required over the summer and fall months.