Don't Delay on Childhood Vaccines: Dr. Ahmed


The medical officer of Health for Windsor-Essex says childhood vaccinations are down in the region.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says it's hard to give an exact number, but since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the virtual primary care model, administration of vaccines is delayed.

"We have put out several messages for the importance of immunization throughout the pandemic and our team has put together a number of messages and we are working with our primary care providers to get the word out that these vaccines are still important."

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says if a child is behind on vaccinations, it's important to get in to see your primary care physician.

"As much as we fear COVID, we also need to understand that there are other more deadly diseases out there and that can be prevented by the vaccine and for those, vaccines are already available," he says.

If people were avoiding vaccines because of fear in taking their child to a doctor's office, Dr. Ahmed says there is no need to worry.

"They are doing the screening, they are taking patients without an overlaps and that allows very limited interaction with the rest of the people and there are primary are providers who are only accepting kids as well," says Dr. Ahmed, who adds "So there are a number of options out there and I would definitely support not delaying it and get the vaccine on time."

Because students are back in school and daycare, Dr. Ahmed says it's important to stay up to date on vaccines because there is once again the risk for things other than COVID.