Dozens of students from Sandwich and Vincent Massey call for an immediate cease fire in Gaza


Dozens of students from Sandwich and Vincent Massey Secondary Schools are calling for an immediate cease fire in Gaza.

The students walked out Monday morning and met at a parking lot at the Vollmer Centre in LaSalle for a rally in support of Palestine.

Iman Ahmer-Khan is a grade 12 student at Massey who attended the rally because she wanted to show her support to Palestinian students.

"They're basically mourning right now the genocide of their family members," she continued. "So we would basically like to offer our support while implementing necessary change in our local institutions to basically ensure humanitarian aid reaches Gaza."      

Ahmer-Khan says students are mourning.

"One of the girls that was organizing she lost 16 family members last week so we would really like to emphasize their loss while also standing on the right side of this movement against genocide," she stated.     

She says Massey is an 'incredibly diverse school' and there are a lot of disagreements on political stances. 

"At school basically there is a lot going on, but we also emphasize education which is a part of our list of demands."

The students are also calling for Ontario schools to protect Palestinian students and create safe spaces for them.

They're also demanding Ontario school boards receive anti-Palestinian racism training.   

After the rally, the students headed back to their schools.

Members of LaSalle Police were also stationed outside of the Vollmer Centre.