Dr. Ahmed Sees a Day When COVID Tracking can Come to an End


The Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex hopes there will soon be a day we don't have to constantly track the daily cases of COVID-19.

Speaking on Monday morning, Dr. Wajid Ahmed told AM800 News he would feel comfortable reducing the amount of tracking when community transmission rates reach zero.

"Practically that means that all the cases will be linked to each other and with higher vaccination rates we should be able to know precisely where these cases are and how it's spreading and able to contain it as quickly as possible, so that's the ideal solution." says Dr. Ahmed.

As case rates continue to decline, Dr. Ahmed says there will come a point when a certain number of cases of COVID-19 will just be the ongoing number of cases in the community.

"We hope that as the provinces announce their reopening plans we should be able to follow that trajectory and open up and continue to ensure that our community is vaccinated and people can safely resume any of the activities that we were doing before."

Dr. Ahmed also says there will still be pockets of unvaccinated people who may pass it on to others, adding, "When you have a significant number of people vaccinated, such as 70 per cent in our community, the risk of transmission reduces significantly. So we may not be able to irradiate everything completely  but we may be in a position where the transmission risk would be very very low."

There are currently 223 active cases of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex, 134 of which have been identified as variants of concern.

When it comes to local vaccine distribution, 54.4 per cent of the total population in Windsor-Essex has been vaccinated with at least one dose.