DRCC Says Detroit River Water Quality Is Improving

Gina Pannunzio discusses water clean up initiatives at the University of Windsor, October 26, 2017 (Photo by John Hutton)

The Detroit River Canadian Clean Up organization is celebrating the improving water quality of the Detroit River.

The group recenlty held its 6th Annual Detroit River Evening event which showcased local initiatives aimed at cleaning up the Detroit river and watershed.

DRCC's Remedial Action Plan Assistant Gina Pannunzio says the water quality of the Detroit river has come a long way in six years. "We conducted two clean ups and we have removed about 79 tons of debris from the Detroit River watershed. We have several projects on the go that just kind of reflect how we care about the river and the watershed and we want people to be engaged in that process too," says Pannunzio.

She adds, "the Detroit River is a much healthier eco system. We have a lot of fish species that are coming back and making their habitat in the Detroit River. We have better water quality, it is a source of drinking water for over 5-million people."

Pannunzio credis the community for the improving water quality.