Durocher not seeking re-election; Miller announces mayoral intentions


The first mayoral candidate has stepped forward for the Township of Pelee Island.

Island resident and small business owner Cathy Miller has filed her nomination papers.

She and her husband Kevin bought their first island property in 2009, started a small business in 2017 and moved to the island full time in early 2020.

Miller says she looked into running for mayor in January but decided to run in March.

"I know it is a very large commitment," she continued. "I understand it's a labour of love if you choose to step forward for this type of service especially in a place like Pelee Island."

She says her campaign will focus on developing a plan for the island.

"It needs a plan for funding. It needs a plan for critical infrastructure and it needs a plan for progress. You know a clear direction is what's required.  It's a very small population here but there are real, serious and large issues that require attention," Miller said.   

Miller says she's received plenty of support from family, friends and people she has worked with on the island since filing.

"They've seen my level of commitment to the things that I take on and seen my work ethic and so far it's been positive and I'm very hopeful."

Current mayor Ray Durocher told AM800 news he is not seeking re-election in October's Municipal Election.