UPDATE-VIDEO: Amherstburg Mayor Says Earthquake Sounded Like Something Exploded

Earthquake seismograph
An earthquake originating near Amherstburg has been confirmed through the US Geological Seismic Survey's website. The US Geological Seismic Survey's website.

A rumble was felt in the AM800 studio around 8pm Thursday and was confirmed by callers as far away as Kingsville. The initial rumble was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake but that has since been revised to a magnitude 4.1 quake. Nick Ackerley, a seismic analyst at Natural Resources Canada, says the quake struck at a depth of 10 kilometres and was felt within a 100 kilometre radius. Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo and his family lives near the old quarry off Richmond St. He says it hasn't blasted in quite some time and they usually notify neighbours but the sound and the vibration didn't compare to past explosions. "Similar to an explosion that you might have at the quarry but much more intense, you could really feel things moving and even after the initial boom and heavy vibration," says DiCarlo, who was in his basement at the time of the earthquake. He tells AM800 News the town's attention immediately turned to the Fermi II Nuclear Reactor in Michigan. "We called them right away and they picked up, assured us nothing was happening on their end," says DiCarlo. "We were able to confirm the earthquake, got to test out our emergency response plan, our texting alert system worked well and we had many residents confirm they received a message." East Windsor resident Coleen Muir tells AM800 News she was watching the hockey game with her husband when rumbling started nearly 30km away. "We thought, okay, is that a motorcycle inside a garage, but no," says says. "We hear the rumbling and a few dishes shaking, but when you stood up you could actually feel the house shake. You could hear the rumbling, and it was loud because had the hockey game loud but we heard that rumbling over it." Line Gallant lives in downtown Windsor, she was walking around in her kitchen and wasn't sure what to make of what happened. "It was the south wall, the outside wall and it felt like that was being shaken. It was like all the shingles on my house were rattling," added Gallant. Emergency responders and community officials from throughout Essex County took to Twitter to assure residents no damage or injuries have been reported.