ENWIN set to relocate utility lines on Cabana Road before work on road begins

Ward 1 Councilor Fred Francis, President and Chief Executive Officer at ENWIN Helga Reidel and Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens announce details on Cabana Road improvements. (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Work continues on the $27 million project to modernize Cabana Road West and Dougal Avenue. 

Starting on Monday, May 30, ENWIN will relocate utility lines on Cabana Road before improvements can begin in spring of 2023. 

President and Chief Executive Officer at ENWIN, Helga Reidel says their role is to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to the area, while they move the existing infrastructure.  

"We will be moving 37 hydro poles on the north side of Cabana Road, where the existing main pole line is located. Then we will be relocating 16 poles on the south side of the road that are service poles and cable poles, so the total number of poles to be relocated is 53 poles." 

Reidel says the above ground work will be done by Black & Mcdonald while the underground work will be done by ENWIN.

"The pole work is expected to end around the middle of October. The underground work will likely go right to the end of this year and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. You might see some tree trimming happening but since our poles are 65 feet in height we hope to keep that to a minimum and we hope that won't be extensive."  

She says minor outages are to be expected. 

"I'm sure residents wonder about the impact on them, there maybe minor outages as the work goes on and the poles are moved. With brief outages, we don't normally contact all the residents but we certainly would notify residents if there is a planned outage of any duration." 

The Cabana Road corridor improvements will be made to prepare for Phase 4 in spring of 2023. 

Phase 4 includes active transportation facilities, expansion to the road, make sidewalks wider, and will upgraded water mains, storm sewers, street lighting and traffic signals.

The improvements begin at Dominion Boulevard and stretch to Highway 3, costing about $14 million.  

The project will be done through City councils capital investment of $47 million dollars for road reconstruction and upgrades.