ERCA Adds Climate Change Specialist


The Essex Region Conservation Authority is putting a focus on climate change.

It has named Claire Sanders, who served as the Remedial Action Plan Co-ordinator for the Detroit River,  as its climate change specialist.

She says her goal is to bring together the efforts of the different municipalities because Mother Nature doesn't have civic boundaries.

Included in her list of concerns are the intense storms, high lake levels, shoreline erosion and invasive species.

"We are going to work together over the next couple of months to really identify some of the most important threats and adaptation actions towards them," she said on AM800's the Afternoon News.

Windsor-Essex was hit was two major flooding events within a year in 2016-17.

The flooding event in August 2017 caused $124-million in insured damage, mostly in Windsor.

In 2017, ERCA's Board of Directors agreed a regional approach to developing climate change strategy would be the most efficient and effective path towards managing the future impacts of climate change in the region.

--With files from AM800's Patty Handysides