ERCA issues Watershed Conditions Statement


The Essex Region Conservation Authority says due to the forecasted rainfall today there's a concern for the accumulation of standing water in low lying areas throughout the Essex Region.

Especially adjacent to and within floodplain areas of all major waterways and shoreline areas. 

While the rainfall amount expected, roughly 20-30 mm, falls below Flood Watch thresholds due to the combination of above average lake levels and forecasted rainfall a Watershed Conditions Statement will remain in effect until 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Officials encourage people to take extra caution and avoid areas where flooding is occurring, as well as rivers, streams, and shoreline areas during significant rainfall and wind events. 

The combination of slippery banks, waves, waves overtopping shoreline structures, and fast moving water can be dangerous and standing water can also present its own unseen hazards.

ERCA officials will continue to monitor the forecasts.