ERCA Warns There Will be Flooding This Fall and Winter


Windsor-Essex has been in a constant state of flood warning for most of 2020.

That's according to a report the Director of Water Management Services, Tim Byrne, presented to Essex Regional Conservation Authority Thursday.

Byrne says it doesn't take much wind to cause flooding with record high water levels on the Great Lakes, so Essex County has been lucky so far.

"The winds that have blown have died down before lake levels were driven on to increased depths significantly or pushed in-land significantly, but right now, it's not if but when," he says.

Byrne says flooding is coming as the region heads into the winter months.

"Right now we're just getting into the change in weather patterns where we are going to start seeing fall and winter winds that are onshore winds ... that will artificially elevate those lake levels in towards some of those lower reaches of our region," he says.

Byrne says with lake levels projected to climb, work is already under way to respond to "eminent flooding events."

"All of our municipal colleagues and partners, especially first responders, are actively preparing and most municipalities have updated emergency response plans," he says.

Byrne says Windsor-Essex has seen 14 flooding events so far this year.