Erie Shores Healthcare Launches App


When it comes to patient services information at Erie Shores Healthcare in Leamington — there is now an app for that.

With the help from a company called CoHealth, a mobile app has been created to give patients and their caregivers information to help them transition through all stages of care within the hospital, from the emergency department, through admission and discharge.

Vice President of Patient Services Kristin Kennedy says this should help fill in the gaps and will arm patients with information accessible at their fingertips.

"We really hope that it addresses that connection and communication between the frontline staff, physicians and the patients and their families so that they don't feel they haven't received the appropriate information to be cared for to advocate for their family member who is in the hospital," she says.

Manager of Client Success and Implementation at CoHealth Christine Simone says this will give patients all the information they need in one place.

"We wanted to create that single point of access so that a patient or caregiver knew where to look when they were looking for information about their care journey."

The app will be launched in phases starting with maternal-newborn services and the rehabilitation program.  

In August, inpatient services, the surgical program, diagnostic imaging and labs will be added and in September it will extend to the emergency department.