VIDEO: Erie Shores Hospital in Leamington is Here to Stay: CEO


The CEO of Erie Shores Healthcare in Leamington is reassuring residents, the hospital is here to stay.

Janice Dawson is responding after the group, Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process or CAMPP, voiced concerns about possible cuts at the Leamington Hospital.

CAMPP notes under the current provincial government environment which is looking for savings, it is not a stretch to think it will cut programs in Leamington in the future when a new mega hospital is built.

CAMPP launched an appeal of the city's decision to re-zone the land on County Rd 42 and the 9th Concession to make way for the hospital arguing the development will encourage urban sprawl.  It wants a hospital closer to the 'city core.'

Dawson says Erie Shores Healthcare is strong and growing and has been part of the mega hospital planning process.

"Regardless of the new hospital build, Erie Shores Healthcare is a strong acute care community. Obviously it is located in Leamington but we service many if not all of the patients in the Essex County region," she says.

She points out over the last 18 months, Erie Shores Healthcare has seen some significant growth.

Emergency Department volumes are increasing annually by 2,000 to 3,000 visits per year with an estimated 37,000 visits expected in 2019.

Dawson says it is important to educate the community and make sure the 'right message' is going out.

Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald says Leamington Council supports the construction of the new regional hospital at its proposed location as it will improve accessibility to the majority of residents in Essex County.

The application to the province for the proposed $2-billion single site acute care hospital on County Rd 42 and the 9th Concession makes no mention of cutting services in Leamington.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi