Essex approves change in systems for residents to apply for Open Air Burning Permits


Essex council has approved a change in software systems for residents to apply for Open Air Burning Permits.

During Monday's meeting, council was presented with a report to approve the change of software systems

Essex Fire and Rescue Services is responsible for issuing and approving open air burning permits. 

Administration has reviewed the existing systems to pinpoint issues that both the fire department and residents face during the process. 

The new software will allows residents to apply for open air burning permits online, which is said to help make the application process more convenient for both residents and fire administrative staff.

During the application process, applicants will need to review the by-law before the permit is approved.

The permit is valid for one year and must be re-submitted for approval when it expires. Once a permit is issued, each resident is required to "activate" their permit prior to each time they conduct an open-air burn, which can be completed through automated phone options and online. 

This new process aims to improve efficiency by reducing the number of calls to fire administration.

This new system comes with a feature which displays activated open burns, which will help Essex Fire and Rescue track the fires in realtime.

Council approved the report. The Town will be notified when the new system is up and running.