Essex Asks Residents to Keep Grass Clippings off Area Roads


Lawn maintenance season is in full swing and the Town of Essex is asking residents to keep grass clippings off area roadways.

Director of Infrastructure Services Kevin Girard says a little water mixed with grass clippings creates the potential for a dangerous situation.

"It might not seem like much, but they can create a slippery surface that could be hazardous for road users like cyclist and motorcycles, especially when breaking," he says. "They do cause a specific hazard for some road users and they can do their part to help keep our roadways safe."

Girard acknowledges it's tough to keep grass clippings contained, but there are ways to keep the spread to a minimum.

"We're asking that, when you cut your grass, that you aim your chute away from the road wherever possible or use a mulching bag," he says. "Also, they can use blowers or brooms to make sure the road isn't covered to keep our roads safe."

He says directing clippings away from the road will also prevent potential damage to nearby cars or injuries to people from things like stones that are thrown by lawn-mower blades.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.