Essex Council Approves Climate Change Plan


A climate change plan is now in place in Essex.

Administration was asked to craft a Climate Change and Adaptation Plan back in November of 2019.

Council approved the plan that will, "commit to urgently working towards adapting to the impacts of climate change" and prepare for the towns climate future Tuesday night.

Ward 3 Councillor Chris Vander Doelen was the lone vote against the plan.

He says it's "an unnecessary reaction to a fake emergency" that will force additional expenses on taxpayers.

"The climate alarmists have been making unsupportable claims that the sky is falling for 40 years and they've been wrong on every count," he says. "They haven't just been wrong a lot, they've been wrong every time."

Director of Development Services Lori Chadwick says the plan doesn't give council absolute authority.

"No by-law or policy changes pertaining to, for example, tree cutting or buffer strips would be passed if there are impacts to the community without community input and consultation," she says.

Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche is happy to see a plan put in place.

"This is a living document that our community will be able to reach out and help shape some of the policies and by-laws that will be developed because of this framework that we're putting in place," he added.

Vander Doelen pointed to opposition from the agricultural community.

Administration assured council that any changes that come from the plan would still be open to public scrutiny.