Essex Council to discuss updates on Streetscape project


Essex Council will update residents on the Streetscape project during their regular meeting on Monday May 16. 

In the 2021 Capital Budget, the project was approved by administration, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a number of factors, the construction industry is facing many challenges. 

The project is split up into phases starting in June 2022 and wrapping up in October 2024 due to potential delays.  

Essex Ward 1 Councillor Morley Bowman says the project has been pushed back a bit due to material shortages and delayed delivery. 

"Its not unexpected but we certainly would have like to have had it done all in one swoop, in one summer but we saw the issues in the Harrow Streetscape when it was going and it was delayed, that's to be expected as we move forward with this one. The bottom line is it will get done." 

Bowman says he hopes the end product will be worth the wait. 

"Obviously all the issues with COVID have effected a lot of things across the province not only here in Essex but all over. Not a happy event when things get delayed a little bit, but its sort of a sign of the times."   

Essex Council's regular meeting begins at 6 p.m. on Monday.