Essex Councillor Not Buying Hype Behind Climate Change


At least one Essex councillor thinks the town is being irresponsible and premature when it comes to climate change.

Chris Vander Doelen was one of two Essex councillors to vote against a Climate Change Action Strategy for the municipality.

He believes there is severe doubt about some of the climate change predictions that are being made.

Vander Doelen says many past predictions were wrong.

"There's more than just skeptics, I mean there's severe doubt about the predictions that are being made by the climate change industry, a lot of it's been wrong for 50-years straight, why so we suddenly believe them now and we're going to base all the decisions in our community going forward based on this terrible record of accuracy, I just think it's crazy," says Vander Doelen.

He says the strategy could impact the community.

"Almost every aspect of the town's economy will now have to be judged through the lens of climate change and just think about the devastating effects that can have on our automotive industries, our farming, our tourism, on just commuting to your job, this could have draconian far ranging affects that can completely disrupt and destroy our economy and I think it's crazy to barge forward with it," says Vander Doelen.  

When it comes to the town's plans for a strategy, Vander Doelen says he's not sure what should happen.

"Well they say it's a strategy but to me it sounded like a blank cheque," he says. "Agree with us, this disaster has happened and now we have to fix the climate and that's a blank cheque now, they get to do anything.  I just think it's foolish and it's not warranted."            

Vander Doelen along with councillor Joe Garon voted against the strategy.

The strategy was created by the town's Climate Change Analyst Niharika Bandaru, who highlighted significant challenges up until 2050.

She touched on the weather, temperature, more poison ivy and increased allergies.

Council and staff will now provide ideas to combat climate change.