Essex councillor worried about vandalism and graffiti at town parks and properties


An Essex councillor is wondering what can be done to protect municipal properties from vandalism and graffiti.

Ward one councillor Joe Garon will be introducing a Notice of Motion on Monday night, asking town staff for strategies to better protect parks and properties from vandalism.

He says he and other council members have been hearing from the public about graffiti and vandalism.

Garon says the vandalism comes in stretches. 

"It's not only just our town owned properties but even our school properties. So it's just something that I think we need to have a conversation at the council table and just see if there's anything administration can do to help alleviate that issue."      

He says the incidents have been more consistent as of late.

"We know our police and enforcement can't be at every park and at every town owned property every minute of the day but there must be something we can do to help alleviate this problem," Garon said.   

Garon says he has heard from residents.

"I myself have been getting some complaints," he continued. "I mean when it happens, you bring your child up to a park and you see graffiti and the graffiti has vulgar language in it so whether through social media or through email we're hearing about it."     

Garon will introduce his motion tonight but it is expected to be discussed at the June 6th council meeting.

He believes administration's report will include education along with signage strategies.