Essex Councillors Approve 2020 Budget in Principle

Town of Essex councillor Larry Snively attends a special meeting of council focusing on proposed spending in the 2017 budget on January 30, 2017.

Some good news for Essex residents.

Town council has approved its 2020 budget in principle with a zero percent increase.

Mayor Larry Snively says council wanted a zero and it was achieved by administration.

"The administration put together a real good budget and I think a lot of us reviewed it," says Snively.  "I went through it six or seven times." 

He says it's a good budget for the municipality.

"We got quite a bit of road work in there this year and the big feature of the whole budget was a streetscape program for downtown Harrow and downtown Essex, both centres are going to be completely revamped," says Snively.   

He says Harrow will be revamped this year while Essex will get upgrades next year.

The Harrow upgrades will cost roughly $4.5-million while $3.8-million has been ear marked for Essex centre in 2021.

Another highlight includes spending $2.7-million on a new Essex Fire & Rescue Station #2.

The town's operating budget for 2020 is just under $43-million while the capital budget is more than $25-million.

The budget will be formally adopted at the February 18th council meeting.