Essex Councillors Wants Council Meetings Streamed


An Essex councillor would like to see council meetings streamed online.

Chris Vander Doelen presented a notice of motion at Monday night's council meeting and with council's backing, administration will now look into broadcasting and streaming options.

Vander Doelen believes residents want to hear with their own ears what their elected officials are saying. 

"Some residents would like better access to watch council at their leisure on a computer or on their phone or who knows how but it would really increase our transparency to get people access on streaming," says Vander Doelen. 

Vander Doelen says some residents have asked for meetings to be streamed online as other municipalities and boards are doing.

"It seems to be the right thing to do, there's almost nobody saying no, almost nobody is opposing it," he says.  "Everything is ending up online and government has to be there too."    

TVander Doelen introduced his notice of motion at the September 16th meeting.

At that time, administration said it was already working on a report.

The town currently uses CFTV to record the meetings.

The meetings are later uploaded on the town's website and the town's YouTube page.