Essex County Road Rationalization Plan Lacks Important Details: Bondy


The County of Essex's Road Rationalization Study will have to wait a little bit longer to see the light of day.

County Council voted to defer the study that began way back in 2017 on Wednesday night. The study was started to determine which county roads are being used to connect drivers from throughout Essex County and which roads are only being used within a municipality.

An important distinction when it comes to paying for road repairs and improvements, according to LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy.

Bondy and his fellow councillors agreed to defer the item, with Bondy adding an amendment to the motion that the report must be ready by council's October meeting.

"It just says, hey, approve it and we'll move on, I don't work like that and it was a unanimous vote saying we need more detail in that report," he added.

Bondy says setting a concrete deadline is important.

"By the time this is done, who knows if I'll be the mayor in two years? There's no continuity," he says. "It's taken long enough without cohesiveness between all the municipalities and the county."

He hopes administration comes with detailed recommendations in October.

"So everybody involved can get together, study it more closely and give us better recommendations," added Bondy.

Bondy says several roads in LaSalle, Ont. remain in limbo that the town wants to start upgrading but it's unclear who is responsible for them.

Former LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya brought the motion that started the report forward in August of 2017.