Essex Experiences Total Construction Value Drop in January


At least one town councillor in Essex is not worried about the construction value drop in the municipality for the month of January.

Administration will be presenting a report to council Monday night outlining the development overview for the month.

The report highlights more than $5.7-million in total construction value but also shows a decrease of 36.4 per cent compared to January 2020.

Councillor Morley Bowman says 2020 was an exceptional year for the town and believes it will continue this year.

"I think the year looks like it's going to be a great development year and I think it's more the timing of when they kicked it in more than anything else so I don't have any real concerns there," says Bowman.     

He says he's not worried about the January drop.

"I mean if it went on for a number of months obviously but I think it's more of timing issue whether than anything else," says Bowman.

The total construction value includes new and expanding commercial developments, industrial, institutional and residential developments that require a building permit.

Eight permits were issued in January for single family homes.