Essex Finalizes Plans for New $3.4-million Fire Hall


The Town of Essex is moving forward with a new fire station in Ward 2.

Council has approved spending $3.4-million on the project which came in $709,000 over budget with the additional cash being funded through long-term debt.

A report before council shows the current station on County Rd. 12 no longer meets the needs for modern fire and rescue services.

Councillor Steve Bjorkman says he likes what he sees.

"The design is great. Looking at it, it's very consistent with the other building we have when looking at our fire stations. The use of space, there isn't any wasted space in there. I really do think it's a great design and I hope we can move forward with it."

Councillor Sherry Bondy says the new station will help better serve the Gesto and McGregor communities

"It's a public safety issue and it's a firefighter safety issue and I believe whether we're going with modernization or a centralization with services, I believe this region of Essex County needs a modern fire hall that's going to serve the needs for many years to come."

Bondy says a new station is well overdue.

"The fire station in Ward 2 has been inadequate for a long time and we're putting firefighters in really bad situations by having them operate in there and with COVID it makes it even worse. So I fully support this. It really can't come soon enough."

The new station will be located at the intersection of Malden Rd. North and County Rd. 15.

Construction is expected to take about seven months.