Essex says No to Development Fees in Harrow Area


It's the status quo for residential development fees in the Town of Essex.

Council held a special meeting last week and decided to keep development charges in place for wards one, two and three but decided to keep the fees at zero for ward four in the Harrow area for the next two years.

"We knew ward four is still hurting so that's why we kept the development fees at zero," says Marry Larry Snively.  

He tells AM800 News there is residential growth happening in the other wards but the Harrow area needs a boost.

He adds development fees will most likely be re-introduced for the Harrow area in two years.

"It looks like everything is going to be in place just like it was before," says Snively.  "The only change that I saw being made right now is in ward four there's no development charges for two years after two years it will be phased in 25 percent a year."       

Snively says there is growth in certain areas of the municipality.

"I was looking at development fees in residential in Essex and the other wards but all the other wards are growing residentially pretty strong especially Essex," says Snively.  "So I didn't see a need to waive any development fees there and council looked at it and they were in the same boat as I was."      

Snively says he'll be pushing for an additional year for the Harrow-area.

"The two years to me that wasn't enough time," says Snively.  "I'm going to go back probably and ask for three years because the time you're done storm water management and all your plans and that, it takes up almost the two years to do it so I'm going to come back and ask council to re-consider and go three years."       

Snively says in Essex, residential development fees are roughly $9000.

The town scrapped residential development fees for the Harrow-area about two years ago.

The issue still has to come back to a regular Essex council meeting for final approval.

Also last week, Tecumseh council approved a 10% increase over the next five years beginning September 1st.