Essex-Windsor EMS receives 2024 pre-budget approval for more staff and new vehicles


Essex-Windsor EMS has received 2024 pre-budget approval for more staff and new vehicles. 

During Wednesday's County Council meeting, two separate reports were presented, where both were unanimously approved. 

The first report was to approve for six full-time equivalents to be hire immediately to help with continuous offload delays, resulting in code reds and code blacks, and surges in emergency response volumes.

Essex-Windsor EMS is looking to staff one ambulance, 12 hours a day, seven days a week from November 20, 2023, until December 31, 2023.

To staff one ambulance for this time period, four full-time and two backfill, or six full-time equivalent, is required at a cost of just over $94,000. 

The second report was for approval to order eight ambulances, three Early Response Vehicles, and one District Chief vehicle.

Essex-Windsor EMS is looking for approval of purchase early as they won't receive the vehicles until early 2025. 

Order confirmation for Crestline Coach Ltd. is required as soon as possible due to the long delivery time. 

The total cost for all vehicles is just over $2.2-million.