Essex-Windsor EMS Receiving Fewer Calls During COVID-19 Pandemicc


Calls for help are down at Essex-Windsor EMS due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

EMS Chief Bruce Krauter, says calls have dropped by about 20-to-30 per cent since the outbreak, and he believes it is because the public realizes hospitals are very busy with COVID-19.

He calls it a "relief" because EMS is getting ready for the next wave in COVID-19 cases that is expected to come.

Speaking on AM800's the Dan MacDonald Show, Krauter says Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services is doing what needs to be done to keep residents safe, because staying away isn't an option.

He says the staff is constantly being assessed to make sure they're healthy, dispatchers are screening calls to make sure paramedics know what they're walking into, and everyone continues to make him proud.

But Krauter says searching for personal protective equipment to assure his staff can keep helping the public is now a daily challenge.

"Our number one priority is the patients we serve and the number two priority is to ensure that the paramedics are safe and protected when they when they walk into a scene, so at the end of the day they're not taking anything home," he says.

He says professional and peer supports have been ramped up to help staff deal with the stress of the pandemic.

"Just because of the anxiety and the unknown when you're dealing with something you can't see, and then there's the fear of bringing it home," he says.


With files from Teresinha Medeiros