Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority to Consider Bike Recycling Program


The Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority is considering a partnership to give old bikes new life.

Board member Kieran McKenzie says 200 to 300 bikes are brought to area landfills every year that are sent off as scrap metal.

A report going before the authority's board of directors on Tuesday recommends entering an agreement with Bike Windsor-Essex to refurbish those bikes instead.

He says the program will not only help the cycling group, but would also help reduce the industrial waste involved with refining the scrap metal.

"To repurpose them, reuse them and recycle them so that people can use them for the original intended purpose," he says.

McKenzie says the move will help the authority meet its mandate, while helping Bike Windsor-Essex meet its mandate as well.

"Certainly it's going to help them in terms of the supply to fulfill their mandate to promote cycling across the entire region," he added.

Every bike that goes through the landfill has something left to offer, according to McKenzie.

"Repairing the bikes themselves or stripping them down for the parts that still can be usable and allowing them to be redistributed back through the entire region," he says.

According to the report, the benefits to the community outweigh costs to create the program and any lost revenue in the form of scrap metal.

The board meets Tuesday at 4 p.m.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.