EWSWA Approves Bike Recycling Program


The Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) has approved moving forward with a partnership to give old bikes new life 

As AM800 News reported on Tuesday,  a report going before the authority at Tuesday night's meeting, recommended entering an agreement with Bike Windsor-Essex to refurbish bikes instead of sending them to the scrap yard.

Manager of Waste Diversion, Cathy Copot-Nepszy, tells AM800 News the next step is to finalize an agreement with Bike Windsor-Essex.

"We've had verbal meetings," she says, "So now we need to create a physical document as to what both parties will be responsible for and go through legal and get that approved and we'll move on from there."

Under the new program, Copot-Nepszy says people who have bikes they want to get rid of will just have take them to a public drop off depot.

"We would have signed and highlighted and staff at both the public drop offs would help guide residents that come in to drop off bikes to put them in the right location."

Copot-Nepszy doesn't anticipate the full program will be running until fall at the earliest.

"It's not going to launch immediately, it takes effort to get that up and running and I foresee this as something potentially in the fall that would be launching but if people are holding onto bikes and they're looking for good homes they can actually bring it directly to Bike Windsor-Essex right now."

According to the report presented to the EWSWA Board, the benefits to the community out weigh costs to create the program and any lost revenue in the form of scrap metal.


— With files from AM800's Gord Bacon