EWSWA to present organic waste program proposal to the city and all municipalities


The Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority is taking its organic waste program proposal on the road.

The County of Essex has instructed the authority to visit all municipalities in Windsor-Essex to gauge interest in taking a regional approach to tackling organic waste. The province has mandated municipalities have an organic waste program up and running by 2025.

Leamington mayor Hilda MacDonald sits on the authority's board, and says the program will run smoother if everyone gets on board.

"As a member of the solid waste authority, we felt collectively that it would be much better for efficiency if this was a regional approach. A fleet of trucks that go all over the county, it's just much more efficient."

She says curbside pick-up is needed to ensure the program is a success.

"We asked the consultant if he felt that there would be as much uptake, as much product brought in if they were depots only and he said no, he thought there would be much more uptake from the public if we had curbside, much like recycling."

The cost is going to be high, but MacDonald says  it's part of being environmentally responsible.

"We all signed up with the climate change accord that we wanted to be part of effecting climate change and, to me, this is part and parcel. So it's a matter of all of us putting our money where our promise was made. If we want to be effective in climate change, then we need to all be part of the solution."

Local municipalities have been apprehensive to commit to the program as there's no concrete price tag attached to building the facility yet.

Consultant estimates range between $30-million and $150-million depending on the extent of the operation.