Extreme Heat Prompts Reminder to Not Leave Animals in Cars

CKTB_NEWS-Dog in Car

The recent extreme heat has prompted a reminder from police to not leave animals in vehicles.

LaSalle police Senior Constable Terry Seguin says heat stroke can very dangerous or fatal for pets and if you spot an animal in a hot vehicle call 911 immediately.

"Don't wait. Call 911 and get us rolling," he says. "Get us informed of what's going on. Your location, the license plate of the vehicle, any kind of descriptions. When you're on the phone with us give us an explanation of what's going on, how long you've been there and so on and so forth."

Seguin says, while you're waiting for police to arrive, try to track down the owner.

"Another thing that you can do while you're there is try to get some assistance from other people asking them to check around nearby businesses to find out if they can find the driver or the owner of the car to come and unlock the vehicle," he says.

Seguin says there's no excuse to leave your pet in the car.

"We like to have our little buddy with us, go for a drive, but if you've got to go out and run errands, leave your buddy at home. They're safer there, they're more comfortable there," he says. "The heat inside of a car, within 10 minutes, can soar over 100 degrees even on a relatively cool day."

While we are getting some relief from the heat, temperatures are expected to climb back up this weekend with highs hitting the mid-30s by Monday.