Facebook Group Supplies Car for Man in Need


A total stranger is stepping up to help a man in need of a car to make a living.

Justin Galps is a member of the Facebook group Windsor Car Spotters.

A fellow member brought attention to a post where a man was being made fun of in the group for trying to make an Uber delivery on a bicycle.

Bike couriers are not uncommon in major cities like Toronto or New York, but Galps found the group making fun of the man for trying to make a living that way in Windsor-Essex unacceptable.

"I had this car in the family because someone purchased a new vehicle a couple months ago. It was sitting in the driveway and I was going to sell it, but when I saw this happening, I was like, no," says Galps.

Galps later learned Sia Praneeth Konduru is an exchange student just trying to make some extra cash.

"He came to Windsor, Ont. to better his life. He came to Canada for that opportunity, so why don't we help."

He says the whole group began to kick in to make things possible.

"I had a mechanic reach out to me to ask what need to be done on vehicle to bring it up to safety so I could give them the car with the safety and go literally right to the ministry with this vehicle," he says. "There's nothing they need to have done to the car."

Galps says fellow members also donated gift and gas cards so Konduru has one less worry when he hits the road for Uber Eats.

Konduru received his 2005 Saturn ION II Friday night.