Fall brings with it dry and above average temperatures 


Apple picking season is officially here. 

Fall started Saturday morning bringing with it dry and warm temperatures. 

Doug Gillham, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Network says temperatures are expected to stay above seasonal with lots of sunshine for the final week of September.

"It looks like that warm and pretty quiet weather pattern is going to continue deep into at least the first week of October. Now we do think our luck will run out eventually. I think we will flip to a colder pattern as we get deeper into October."

He says there are signs that things could be changing around Thanksgiving weekend.

"Fingers crossed that the warm weather lasts through Thanksgiving, but I'm not ready to guarantee that just yet. We may be going back to a more typical, maybe even a shot of cooler than normal weather by Thanksgiving."

Gillham says despite the weather cooling off in the back half of October, he thinks we'll finish off the fall season warmer.

"Once you get into November, we'll go back to a warmer than normal pattern. Now normal is much colder by then, so it's not going to feel like it does now but looks like a kind of milder gentler end to the season and a start to winter. So any winter weather we do see during the fall will be a false start to winter. We do not expect winter to come and set in early this year."

He says December will be mild with El Niño being a factor.

-With files from AM800's Live and Local