Fall Enrolment Numbers at St. Clair College Similar to Last Year


More than 12,000 students have registered at St. Clair College for the fall semester.

College President Patti France says the college has similar enrolment number last year.

She says the college will have updated enrolment numbers on day 10 of the semester.

"We weren't looking to increase," says France.  "We're trying to hold our own right now until we can get some additional capacity when we get our Zekelman Academic Tower which we hope, we'll have approval soon."

France tells AM800 News a lot of work has been done this summer to the Chatham Campus and the campuses that are downtown.

"We've done a lot of renovations in our Chatham campus and certainly we've been trying to, hopefully everyone will see our brand efforts that we've done this summer for our downtown campuses," says France.  "So there will be lots of enrolment down there, over 2000 students so certainly it will be busy in all of our locations over the next few weeks."


St. Clair College Main Campus (photo by AM800's Teresinha Medieros)

France says she's pleased with the number of international students that have enrolled at the college.

"Very happy with our international enrolment this year," says France.  "Again very similar to last year so we expect the numbers to be the same for both our main campus, our Chatham campus and our downtown campuses."         

France says the next couple of weeks will be busy at the college with different events including a concert along with varsity tryouts and games and some awareness campaigns.