Family 'Outraged' after Accused Killer Released on Bail


Relief has turned to anger for the family of T.J. McIntyre after his alleged killer was released from jail before they could even hold his funeral.

According to Windsor Police Service, 31-year-old Ryan Taylor was the alleged aggressor in an assault that left McIntyre with multiple life-threatening injuries on Seminole Street near Tourangeau Road on Sept. 23.

Taylor's charges were upgraded from assault causing bodily harm to second degree murder after the 38-year-old father of four and care giver to two step children succumbed to those injuries on Sept. 27.

"There are so many mixed emotions between being saddened and then that sadness turned to anger because we're already in shock and we still can't believe he's gone," says the mother of two of McIntyre's children Danielle Dubek.

She says the Crown's office called to tell her Taylor was granted bail by a Superior Court judge Thursday.

 "We were relieved that he [Taylor] was arrested and then it's a slap in the face to find out that he was released as we're making funeral arrangements,” says Dubek.

Taylor's lawyer Lisa Carnelos confirmed he was released with conditions and a surety from a family member to take responsibility for his whereabouts.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantee reasonable bail unless there's cause to deny it — Carnelos says there was no cause to deny her client's release, but declined to comment further "out of respect for all involved in the case."

Dubek says the legal system has let T.J. and his family down.

"I understand fair bail and all that stuff, but the speed of this was unreal. It wasn't even 48-hours he [Taylor] was inside and we haven't even been able to bury him [McIntyre] ... so it was really tough to find that out," she added.

She says her son spent his birthday questioning why his father's alleged killer was allowed to go home Saturday.

"How does that even work and how can he get out so soon? I don't even get to celebrate my birthday with my dad and this guy gets to go hang out with his mom? It's just not fair and that's all he'd keep saying," says Dubek. "My son's already taken a lot of this very hard."

Dubek says McIntyre will be put to rest Monday and family friends have started a GoFundMe page for his children to secure savings bonds for their future.

Taylor’s next court appearance is Nov. 13 in the Ontario Court of Justice and Dubek plans on attending.