Farrow Riverside Miracle Park celebrates long awaited grand opening


Farrow Riverside Miracle Park celebrated its official grand opening this weekend, with a new wheelchair and walker-friendly baseball diamond and an Inaugural Miracle League game. 

The park had opened in phases over the past few years.

It features a 13,000-square-foot playground, fully accessible and inclusive to all. 

Jaclyn Hertell is one of the athletes who played in the Inaugural Miracle League game over the weekend. 

She says she loves the new baseball diamond. 

"This is just unbelievable, I was part of the Amherstburg Miracle League back when I played for them. But I've signed up for Windsor so I'll play here now."

Hertell's mother, Lorraine Bortolin, says Amherstburg is in need of a Miracle baseball league.

"The Amherstburg Miracle League unfortunately isn't running right now. We're really fortunate that Jaclyn, since she moved to Windsor, could take part in the Riverside Miracle League."

The Committee Chair for the Miracle League of Riverside, Jason Dupuis, says many of his players would need to go to Amherstburg if they wanted to play baseball. 

"We will have a few players that usually played in Amherstburg that are going to be out here. I'm sure a lot of them will go back we want to work with Amherstburg too so we're excited for when they open up their field in the fall." 

The park includes a wellness track, pavilion, workout stations and more.

Upgrades to the swimming pool, showers and change rooms were also made. 

Farrow Riverside Miracle Park is located on Wyandotte St. E at St. Rose.