FCA Workers Upbeat After Shift Extension


Optimism and excitement.

That's how some workers at the Windsor Assembly Plant are feeling after hearing the third shift will be extended until at least the end of the year.

As heard on AM800 news on Wednesday, Unifor Local 444 officials say they received the news after meeting with FCA management and Human Resources. 

The shift was originally scheduled to end at the end of September, but that was extended to October 21st because of a fleet sale.

This worker has been at the plant for three and a half years, and calls it positive news.

"It's just awesome," she says.  "I think everybody was really happy to hear that."

Another worker has been at the plant for four-years and hopes they keep extending the third shift.

"This helps with the optimism a little bit as it keeps bringing in the hope that we get to last a little bit longer," he says.

Other workers say the mood at the plant is upbeat, but one worker at the plant who did not want to be interviewed, said the extension, doesn't mean a thing.

The plant currently employs 6,000 workers and produces nearly 1,500 minivans a day when operating at full volume.

Unifor did announce in April that FCA is investing $355 million in the Windsor Assembly Plant in the hopes of landing a new product.

But the automaker has made no official announcement.

The Windsor Assembly Plant underwent a $1 billion retooling in 2015 to start building the Chrysler Pacifica.